OneBloodRewards exists to show extra appreciation to all who selflessly give part of themselves to save others. Our program lets donors accrue and redeem points earned by donating blood or platelets at any OneBlood donor center or community drive. Whether you’re a first-time donor or have committed years to giving regularly, you will reap tangible rewards for your lifesaving gifts.

OneBlood Rewards

Our Story

OneBlood has a longstanding mission to provide a safe, available blood supply throughout the southeast. We achieve this through the generosity of donors willing to spend their time giving blood. Seeing firsthand the increasing need for blood products in the hospitals we serve, OneBlood wanted a way to fully recognize our donors for their commitment beyond the typical T-shirt or snack. That spark of inspiration led us to create OneBloodRewards in 2019 – a program specifically designed to allow all donors to convert their life-saving donations into meaningful rewards.

How It Works

The premise of OneBloodRewards is simple – donate blood or platelets and earn points to redeem gift cards from your favorite brands. But behind the scenes, our passionate team ensures seamless technological integration between donations, points tracking, inventory management, and ultimate eGift card delivery. state-of-the-art systems and diligent associates allow you the donor to easily participate without the guesswork.

Registering an Online Account

To redeem rewards, you first need to register for an online OneBlood account. Registration is quick and you can sign-up at any time before or after donations. Supply your email, password, name, gender, birth date and you’re set! This account becomes your access point to view donation history, checkpoints, redeem gift cards, and manage preferences.

OneBlood Rewards Guide

Earning Points

Each donation credits your account with the following reward points:

✔️ Whole Blood = 250 Points
✔️ Double Red Cell = 500 Points
✔️ Platelets = 500 Points
✔️ Referral Bonus = 100 Points

Points from regular donations are posted automatically within 48 hours. You’ll accrue points rapidly by donating regularly.

Redeeming Rewards

The best part comes when you get to redeem your points for gift cards! Popular redemption options include:

OneBlood Rewards Login

👉 400 Points – $5 Target, Starbucks, Amazon cards
👉 700 Points – $10 Walmart, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bass Pro Shops cards
👉 1000+ Points – $25+ Apple iTunes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot cards

Simply log in to your account, navigate to the “Rewards” section, select the card you want, confirm your email, and submit the redemption. The gift card value corresponds to the number of points redeemed. Redeem whenever with no blackout dates!

Our Impact

The true impact of OneBloodRewards is twofold: Donors like you earn gift cards that recognize your selfless donations AND hospital patients receive the blood products they desperately need. Over 65% of OneBlood donors are now enrolled in our rewards program amplifying our combined life-saving influence!

We proudly honor and serve donors across the southeast who understand the need doesn’t stop for anything. Neither will we in showing gratitude through OneBloodRewards for all you do.

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