Registering for OneBlood Rewards

Donating blood is an admirable act of service that benefits others in need. OneBlood recognizes your commitment to helping save lives by rewarding your donations through their loyalty program. This article will walk you through exactly how to register as a donor with OneBlood to start earning points and claiming free gift cards for making a difference.

OneBlood Rewards

The Basics of OneBlood Rewards

OneBlood serves communities across the Southeastern U.S. by collecting blood and platelets from donors to supply local hospitals. As a thank you for giving regularly, you will be rewarded with points that accrue in an online account and can be redeemed for retail gift cards and branded merchandise. It’s a donor exclusive perk for supporting the blood supply chain.

Registering Your Account

Gaining access to these loyalty rewards takes just minutes to complete. Simply visit the OneBlood website and click “Register” at the top right corner. Alternatively, you can register in person at any donor center.

You will need to supply the following personal details:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • DOB

Make sure to check your email to verify and activate your new account. Once registered, you can sign in immediately to access features and start earning rewards. Welcome to the OneBlood community – you’re registered and ready to redeem!

Linking Your Rewards Card

To automatically track donations and points earned, you must link your rewards card to your OneBlood account. This card is assigned when you first register. Bring the card along to any future blood donations to have it scanned before donating. Scans during the screening process activate the correct rewards linking. If you received the physical rewards card sometime in the past, you can also connect it online through your account.

OneBlood Rewards Dashboard

Earning Points Made Easy

Here’s the exciting part – how you rack up points with every successful blood or platelet donation with OneBlood. Typical credit amounts are:

✔️ Whole Blood Donation – 250 Points
✔️ Double Red Cell Donation – 500 Points
✔️ Platelet Donation – 500 Points
✔️ Referral Bonus – 100 Points

Points populate your balance within 48 hours post-donation so you can watch your earnings grow and redeem gifts faster. Consistently donating maximizes points earning potential over time.

Next Steps with Your Account

Once registration is complete, be sure to explore your account dashboard and settings when signed in online. Key features allow you to:

🔽 View points balance & redemption history
🔽 Change password & account details
🔽 Connect rewards card for points tracking
🔽 Enable notifications & appointment reminders

You have full control over account management to customize your OneBlood experience. Understanding how to access all these tools prepares you to redeem rewards seamlessly.

Thanks for considering joining OneBlood’s loyal community of blood donors. We make the registration and rewards process simple so you can focus on the lifesaving difference you make. Sign up today to save lives and earn prize perks along the way!

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