Types of OneBlood Rewards

Giving blood and platelets helps save lives – one donation at a time. Making the commitment to donate regularly amid work, family, and life demands takes selflessness and care for community. OneBlood believes such generosity should not go unrewarded.

OneBlood Rewards

Through the OneBlood Rewards program, blood donors earn points with each donation that can be redeemed for practical gift cards or fun merch. With reward options from leading retailers and restaurants, donors can both save lives and save money.

This article explores the redemption process and all the ways you can amplify the impact of being a OneBlood donor.

The Points System

The foundation of OneBlood Rewards is a straightforward points system correlating the number of points earned to donation type:

πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦° Whole Blood Donation – 250 points
πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦° Double Red Cell Donation – 500 points
πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦° Platelet Donation – 500 points
πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦° Referring a Donor – 100 points

Points post to accounts within 48 hours of donations so balances stay up-to-date. They remain valid to redeem for one year. Consistently donating maximizes points earning potential for plenty of redemption opportunities.

eGift Cards Galore

The most popular reward elected by savvy donors is brand-name eGift cards. OneBlood offers digital gift cards from leading retailers, restaurants, streaming services, and more. A sample of current eGift card options includes:

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πŸ›οΈ Walmart, Target, Amazon – $5, $10 amounts
πŸ” Starbucks, Subway, Domino’s Pizza – $5 amounts
πŸ’… Bath & Body Works, American Eagle – $10 amounts
πŸ“Ί Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max – $10 amounts
πŸ›’ Bass Pro Shops, Publix, Kroger – $25 amounts

Donors can browse all options when signed into their OneBlood account. eGifts are delivered to the provided email within 1-2 weeks of redemption.

With no fees or expiration dates, eGift cards offer flexibility whether used for essentials like gas and groceries or fun splurges like movies and clothes. Compared to physical gift cards, eGifts remove the headache of carrying numerous cards and never losing available balances.

Beyond eGift Cards

In addition to digital retailer gift cards, OneBlood Rewards offers merchandise that celebrates the donor experience. These practical items sportsignature OneBlood branding so donors can display their community support. Merch examples include:

πŸ‘š Blood Donor T-Shirts – starting at 700 points
β˜• Stainless Steel Tumblers – 1000 points
🧳 Tote Bags – 1500 points
🏐 Beach Balls, Blankets, Hats – 1500+ points

Merchandise rewards are fulfilled and shipped directly with free standard delivery within 10-14 business days of redemption.

Combined Impact

OneBlood Rewards lets donors make an even bigger difference – earning gift cards and merch while ensuring blood supply for medical facilities. That dual impact echoes OneBlood’s mission to honor donors who understand the need for blood is constant.

Gift cards offer donor convenience and freedom. Branded merch commemorates donors’ vital role in community health. And the program’s simplicity removes any obstacle to rewarding donors promptly for sustaining the blood supply, one donation at a time.

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