Redeeming OneBlood Rewards

Donating blood requires dedicated volunteers willing to take time to help save lives. OneBlood makes sure donors know their ongoing commitment does not go unrewarded. Through the OneBlood Rewards program, points earned for donations can be redeemed seamlessly online for popular gift card options or unique branded merchandise.

OneBlood Rewards

This guide will explain how to check reward point balances and redeem credits to maximize perks across four simple steps.

Step 1: Sign into Your Donor Account

First, access your personalized OneBlood donor account at or via the mobile app. Click ‘Sign In’ and enter your email and password on file. Successfully signing in takes you to your account dashboard.

Step 2: Locate Points Balance & Rewards Catalog

On the dashboard sidebar, click ‘My Rewards’ to navigate specifically to your rewards overview. Here you can see:

πŸ”˜ Total lifetime points earned
πŸ”˜ Points expiration dates
πŸ”˜ Redemption history

Below this tracker is the full Gift Card Catalog with point tiers and unredeemed options. Browse to view the type/amount choices such as 400 points for a $5 Target eGift Card or 2,000 points for a $50 Nike eGift Card. Identify what you want, noting required points.

Step 3: Submit Reward Redemption Request

Once decided, click the blue β€˜Redeem’ button associated with that OneBlood reward. A pop-up will confirm selection. Double check you have adequate points, then click the final redemption submission button.

OneBlood Rewards Login

If points are insufficient at time of redemption attempt, simply continue donating blood until reaching the required tier. Points never expire so rewards can be claimed anytime!

Step 4: Receive Gift Card Reward

Finally, fulfilled eGift Cards and Merchandise Rewards will be delivered to the email or shipping address on file within 10-14 days. eGift card codes can then be printed or used directly online with retailers. Merch orders ship free.

Rules & Limits to Remember

While redeeming points is easy, important rules protect program integrity:

πŸ”» Points have 1 year expiration
πŸ”» 1 redemption request at a time
πŸ”» Merchandise limited to 2 items per quarter

Redemption capabilities make achieving gift cards a reality. Consistent donations means hitting higher rewards tiers faster. We handle tracking so you can simply enjoy gift card savings!

Check your account today to view current points and redeem your first gift from our catalog options. Your ongoing blood donations make a difference – let us return the favor through OneBlood Rewards gift cards.

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